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Article: Talking about Yoga & Science (and much more...) with Yoga Teacher Frida Wirsén

Talking about Yoga & Science (and much more...) with Yoga Teacher Frida Wirsén

Talking about Yoga & Science (and much more...) with Yoga Teacher Frida Wirsén

We are so happy to present Frida Wirsén in this Sisterly Story. She is such an incredible woman and her words of wisdom and insights really touched us. We hope her story will move you too!

  1. Who is Frida?

    It’s important for me to make a change in this world, I want to spread smiles, hugs and beautiful moments for the human bean. Energy is all, to make an impact and self love is so important, to believe in ourselves. I work as a health scientist to explore how we can feel happier and more relaxed in life. I´m a travelling yogini hosting yoga retreats all over the world. Creator of beautiful concepts like Dance Energy Yoga, DanceYoga and VinyasaHealing.
  1. How did you find yoga and what has practising yoga meant to you?

    I found yoga as a young kid, only thirteen years old, at the strangest place I guess, in a hairdressing salon. They had it combined with a yoga studio and I felt completely alive when I started to observe the essences, the Hindu goddesses and the movement of the group that was practising yoga. I felt curious, excited and calm at the same time – so I got booked for my first semester of yoga practice. Six years later I moved to Bali to continue my Yoga practice and become a yoga teacher. I couldn't get enough so I stayed for five years and went as an apprentice for a Guru from India and learned so much about conscious lifestyles. Yoga is my life.

  1. What does following your heart mean to you?

    To always believe in yourself, set boundaries and let go of things that no longer serve you to make room for amazing new energy and opportunities. You are your own guru to choose wisely about your life, if you are following your heart.


  1. Tell us about the research you’ve done on yoga as a tool to reduce stress and increase physical activity? What were your key findings?

    Today I work with research and have pointed out some key findings if yoga reduce stress and motivates increased physical activity. Practising yoga can be an alternative to improving human mental and physical health, reducing stress levels and undoubtedly motivating increased motivation for exercise. On the other hand, yoga is in itself a physical activity that is experienced positively by the respondents. The participants experienced their stress levels have been reduced, both during the ongoing MediYoga program and after the end of the trail period. It appears that the respondents feel that they have improved their physical strength, which is supported by MediYoga's concept, which is scientifically designed to strengthen patients' physical strength through physical activity. The respondents experience increased self-awareness and joy, as well as a sense of belonging, which has affected their way of looking at everyday life. The respondents reported that yoga has changed their thinking patterns, which has a positive impact on their mental well-being. Increased awareness and changed thinking have become important tools for dealing with stress that has indirectly affected their mental health.

    I love to have one foot in the research area and my dream when I was younger was to implement yoga and make it more available for everyone. Yoga is a lifestyle tool not just a philosophy, and research provides us with more and more evidence that practising yoga can improve human mental and physical health and reduce stress levels. Now I´m working with a very important research project – DigiYoga CaRe – Digital Yoga Intervention In Cancer Rehabilitation.

  1. What advice would you give your 11 year old self?

    Can I rephrase that one to give you all some advice? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING AND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Because I did, it was not easy, many people have never ever believed in me, and kept telling me: you can't move to Bali, you can't become a Yoga teacher, you can’t write research about yoga. And look at me now – I did it. So once again - follow your dream, work hard and do what you believe in.

To find out more about Yoga combined with science and follow Frida's yogic journey in life, you can follow her at @yogabyfrida

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