Sisterly Tribe was born from a vision to create a sustainable yoga & wellness brand for women, by women, that feels great for body, mind and soul. We want to empower and inspire women to believe in themselves and live a life that makes them feel great from the inside out. 

Our name Sisterly is inspired by the word sister and sisterhood is one of our core values. We believe in supporting and empowering each other and in collaboration over competition.

Our core values are honesty, kindness, sisterhood and integrity and this guides us in everything we do.

We strive to design timeless pieces that stand the test of time in both in terms of design as well as quality. We have no seasonal collections and each garment is envisioned to stay relevant for years to come and we hope to contribute to a more sustainable approach to consumption.

We believe in slow and conscious craftsmanship, creating our collections in small, mindful batches and all products are produced in an ethical way to make sure we create products that feels great for the planet and for the body, mind and soul. ⁠⠀

We look forward getting to know you better, we can’t wait to see you wear Sisterly Tribe and be part of our community.

Lots of love,

Kristin, Founder & CEO

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