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Article: Mindful morning routine

Mindful morning routine
Self care

Mindful morning routine

The way you start your morning often affects the intentions for your day. So the importance of taking these extra minutes and creating a mindful morning is worth it. Early rituals can help with anxiety and depression but also with general mental well-being throughout the day. By having something to look forward to when waking up in the morning- whether it be a warm cup of coffee, doing your skincare or listening to an audio meditation.  

There is no “right way” when creating a mindful morning routine. The importance <is that the routine is made specific to you, and for you to enjoy it. Also your mornings don't need to look the same each morning. Some mornings you may prefer to go for a walk or doing a workout while other days you may prefer a slower morning routine. 

We will list a few tips that could help you to have a more mindful morning. But remember that it has to be enjoyable for your mind and body.

1. Begin with bedtime 

Your mindful morning starts the night before. To prepare for a new day your body and mind has to rest and get quality sleep. Avoid staying up too late working on your laptop or scrolling on your phone. If needed try to schedule so you do this earlier in the evening. This allows you to have a few hours “screen-free” before going to bed. 

Reading a book, having a cup of caffeine free tea, lighting candles, listening to calming music or meditation podcasts are all good tools to unwind and get some quality sleep. By having a calming bedtime routine it will make it easier to rise in the morning and feel rested and excited for the day. 

2. Avoid technology

As important as it is to avoid technology right before bedtime, it also is important to avoid technology first thing in the morning. Because reaching our phones first thing when waking up you will see a list of notifications with emails, calendar reminders, missed calls and bright blue light. Suddenly our morning is all about seemingly urgent tasks. So to avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning, get yourself an alarm clock and put your phone on silent or do not disturb and place it on the other side of the room.

3. Make gratitude your first thought

Gratitude is one of the most impactful habits, especially when done first thing in the morning. It can positively influence our day and affect how you face your surroundings with love and kindness. You can make gratitude your first thought by keeping a gratitude journal on your nightstand. Write down something you are thankful for before going to sleep and then look at it in the morning. If you find it hard writing yourself you could also buy affirmations cards and take a random card each morning. 

4. Create small rituals 

Make getting up in the morning enjoyable by keeping a pair of comfy slippers and fuzzy robe near your bed. Follow up with lighting your favorite candle while making your morning coffee or whatever that you prefer for a mindful morning. Prepare your outfit the evening before, that way you save both energy and time and also avoid the risk of getting stressed in the morning. Each practice is as unique as how you feel that day. Create habits that call for your best self every morning. 

5. Feed your body

Our bodies need fuel and hydration after hours of rest. How and what you feed your body is a personal choice but however eating a wholesome and healthy homemade breakfast that nourishes our bodies will make you feel energized and to make better health choices throughout the day.

After having a mindful morning you will feel and also appear a happier and more energized person. So get to know your body and mind and create a routine or list of things that are enjoyable for you.

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