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Article: The girls behind Lyckoreceptet

The girls behind Lyckoreceptet
Sisterly Stories

The girls behind Lyckoreceptet

In the begining of May this year we hosted a yoga event for our community at Lyckoreceptet, that was when we first met the two inspiring girls behind the studio. Later that month they model for our campagin Ocean Breeze. We are so happy that they wanted to be a part of sisterly stories. Discover their journey, including how they first crossed paths, their motivations for embarking on this business together, and their introduction to the world of yoga.


Who is Sandra & Jacqueline and how did you meet each other?

Sandra: I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, and own a business together with my best friend. I have a huge interest in psychology and have studied that major for over 2 years. Additionally, I have an interest in fitness training and how physical well-being can affect mental health.

Jacqueline: I am a business owner, yoga teacher and a health promoter graduated from the University of Gothenburg. I would describe myself as a creative, loving and sensitive person that can't sit still for too long (except when doing yoga).

We met each other through figure skating about 13 years ago. When we both quit figure skating, we decided to move to Australia for 1 year to work, travel and experience life. When we returned back to Sweden we moved in together and that is when the idea of Lyckoreceptet was born.


How did you find yoga and what has your yoga practice meant to you? 

Sandra: I discovered yoga through the Les Mills concept, Bodybalance. Through this, I began to explore other types of yoga and quickly fell in love with the profound sensations it left in my body. Yoga is something I can always return to whenever my body feels restless, tired, or simply yearns for some movement.

Jacqueline: I found Yoga when Sandra teached Body Balance (that is inspired by yoga, Tai Chi and pilates) in a gym. When we were in Australia together we regularly did Body Balance and it helped me a lot with my anxiety. When we got back to Sweden I did my first Yoga teacher course. Yoga has always helped me be more present and reduced stress/anxiety. I always feel free on the yoga mat and I let my body move how it wants to. In that way, a lot of stored emotions get released. 


How do you use Yoga on and off the mat? 

Sandra: I use yoga as a means to connect with my body and help it regain a deeper breath and a pain-free state. It is a space where I never strive for achievement, but instead embrace a sense of being enough just as I am.

Jacqueline: Yoga for me has always been on my own terms. I do a lot of yoga on the mat like yoga postures, breathing technique and meditation, but I also do it off the mat. If I had a stressful day I might do breathing techniques on the bus or use mindfulness when I'm walking to the studio. But I also have days or even weeks when I don't feel like practicing yoga at all. I simply do it when I want to and my body needs it. 

You are currently running two yoga & wellness studios in the Gothenburg area, tell us more? 

Yes, that is correct. Well, we made the decision to create the life we wanted and felt the need to establish a physical space where people could gather, experience different ways to improve their well-being and find happiness. It seems that people were longing for that as well, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. So, that one place eventually expanded into two, and we couldn't be happier that we created a space for people to connect with each other and with themselves.


What advice would you give your 11 year old self? 

Sandra: Keep doing what you're doing, you don't have to conform to everyone else's standards. Be kind, continue to help people, and make decisions based on happiness rather than money and societal expectations.

Jacqueline: Be kind to yourself. It's okay to not be the best on everything and to say no. It's okay to listen to your own needs even if you sometimes disappoint other people. You are learning and you will be learning your whole life. 

Thank you Sandra & Jacqueline for being a part of Sisterly Stories! To our Gothenburg based customers, book your class and read more about their studios here. 

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