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To celebrate the launch of our Euro Summer collection we decided to bring you a list of locations worthy to visit this Euro Summer. Make this summer your best!🌴🥥

Mallorca, Spain

First out is Mallorca, one of Europes largest tourist destinations. Our Euro Summer photoshoot took place at this magical island and as you can tell from our pictures, Mallorca is BEAUTIFUL. Spanish paella, mesmerizing beaches with turquoise waters and great shopping. Whatever you're looking for, you can find. Cities like Palma, Alcúdia and Cala Millor is definitely worth a visit! 

French Riviera

Visit the French Riviera and experience its beauty and glamour. Cities such as Menton, Cannes and Monaco should be on your list of locations to explore. If you are looking for luxurious yachts and casinos, Monaco is the place for you.

Algarve, Portugal

Enjoy the cliff-backed beaches as you feast on mouthwatering seafood. Here you'll find picturesque villages and mesmerizing nature. 300 days of sunshine a year makes Algarve the sunniest place on earth!

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It's called "the island of the emerald sea" with its crystal-clear waters. If you like cheese, Sardinia has the best pecorino cheese!

Milos Island, Greece

Milos is an incredible colorful island thanks to its volcanic origin. The island has more than 40 (!!) exotic beaches. Visit the breathtaking lunar landscape of Sarakiniko, this beach is one of the most beautiful ones in Milos. 

Kefalonia, Greece

Greece is truly amazing, so we had to include two locations from this beautiful country. Turquoise waters and mysterious caves are to be found at Kefalonia who's praised for its magnificent beaches. Myrtos Beach is one example worth mentioning. You will remember this trip for the rest of your life thanks to the picturesque fishing villages and magical underground caves.


Budva, Montenegro

Miami of Montenegro, Budva is more than 2500 years old and located in the central part of the Montenegrin coast. This area is mostly famous for its nightlife, the beautiful beaches and tasty seafood. Whether you are looking for a historic trip, long days at the beach or dancing - Budva has it all.

Split, Croatia

Split is the second largest city in Croatia. With its small town vibe, buzzing streets and beautiful beaches, Split is the perfect place to spend your euro summer. It's affordable and combines both tradition and modernity. If you are curious about the historical Dalmatian life, visit Split. 

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